Baseball Instruction Testimonials

Testimonial Delaware Baseball CampsI would like to send out a season ending “thank you” to the BullyBats Baseball Academy for giving Zack more confidence at the plate this year. BullyBats transformed his inconsistent and defensive swing to a more balanced, compact, and aggressive swing. He climbed to the 2 hole in the lineup and had a very successful summer and fall. Plus, he LOVED learning his new swing. I have been playing baseball my whole life and I learned a LOT about teaching a kid a baseball swing this year. If a young player has the work ethic and desire to improve, BullyBats is a no-brainer. Zack looks forward to future sessions.
Tripp Fischer

Testimonial of Baseball Camps in DelawareBullyBats has provided my son individualized hitting instruction to establish an excellent foundation of fundamentals that will serve him for years to come. We observed a significant improvement after a few sessions of instruction and have continued to use BullyBats to build confidence and work through various hitting challenges. BullyBats Baseball Academy came highly regarded and we have not been disappointed.
Kevin Molen

Delaware Baseball Camp TestimonialMy 10 year old son Alex has been training with BullyBats for almost 2 years now, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Troy and his staff know the strengths and weakness of Alex and have been helping with his left-handed swing currently. Along with his pro baseball knowledge, Troy is an excellent teacher and he knows how to communicate with and help kids. He and his staff are personally caring and encouraging. Alex has enjoyed working with BullyBats so much, he persuaded his younger brother to start last summer.
Yong Zhu

Delaware Baseball Camps TestimonialBullyBats allows young players to understand the fundamentals of the game in a fun, enjoyable atmosphere with great teachers. My son, Sean, was given the opportunity to learn and then take the reps necessary for a strong, technical swing which produced great results!
Chris Taggart

Testimonial Baseball Camps in DelawareI can’t say enough about our experience with BullyBats. While working with Troy and his staff, my son has learned the proper hitting and fielding fundamentals, the value of practicing to improve, and an increased confidence that extends beyond the baseball field.
Jason Cross

Baseball Camps Testimonial in DelawareThe BullyBats team has worked with my son Zachary for the past 4 years, which has enabled him to develop sound mechanics and fundamentals. By working with BullyBats to establish these fundamentals, Zachary now takes it upon himself to work out of bad habits through drills that he has learned from BullyBats. As a result, his focus has increased and I would recommend BullyBats to everyone trying to develop sound hitting practices.
Pat Brown

Harrison is 10 now and has been working with BullyBats for almost 2 years now and it continues to be a terrific experience. Troy and his team know and understand hitting and Harrison is focused and fundamentally sound in his progressions. BullyBats delivers on its instruction while making it fun for the kids. Truly a great experience.
Joe Burns

BullyBats has a major league level instructional program for hitting that makes all the difference for succeeding at the plate. Troy’s experience in the pro’s against pro pitching gives him and his staff the tools to make a difference with his teaching of valuable hitting lessons. Their focus is instructional and technical, coupled with the mental part of approaching each at bat, and how to get the most from your swing.
Jim Baker

Our twins boys, Christien and Luke played baseball for the first time in 2011. We were lucky to learn about BullyBats and took hitting lessons there. What a difference; they did not seem rank beginners any longer!! It was not just the batting they learned, they gained confidence and became better all around players. Troy built their confidence with skill patience and understanding. THANK YOU BULLYBATS. Our boys can’t wait to go back.
Carlos Duran

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