Baseball Camp at Piedmont Little League

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No BullyBats camps are scheduled at Piedmont at this time

The goals of BullyBats’ baseball camp at Piedmont Little League are:

  1. To teach them fundamentals of the game
  2. To have fun and play the game.

Players will meet up with old friends, as well as make new friends in a fun-filled atmosphere to enjoy the game of baseball.

[symple_toggle title=”What Our Baseball Camps Teach”]
Throughout the week, at Piedmont Little League, players will be working in the morning on each area of baseball. All players will go through a morning and afternoon stretching and throwing program. The emphasis is on properly taking care of the body through efficient warm-ups and perfect throwing mechanics each day we warm up.

Fielding drills and instruction cover areas such as stance, positioning, footwork, anticipation and reaction, ground balls and fly balls, backhands, double plays, rundowns, bag coverage, communication, and game situations and more.

Baserunning instruction includes improving quickness and speed with proper running technique, getting out of the box, lead offs, stealing, reading the pitcher, rounding bases, sliding, and game situations.

Throwing instruction will work to improve on correct throwing technique to maximize the fundamentals and utilize each player’s maximum potential with their given arm strength.

Hitters will rotate through our popular 4 step process of hitting. Each player will learn Stance, Stride Separation(load), Approach to Contact with both the lower half and the hands. Players will work off the tee, soft toss, and short toss in various drills emphasizing proper fundamentals in our approach to hitting. Hitters will also have a chalk talk to help them understand pitch recognition and the basic plate approach to maximize each at bat.

Players will also work on leadership skills and communication skills, with a high emphasis on HUSTLE and SPORTSMANSHIP!

[symple_toggle title=”Daily Schedule for Baseball Camp”]

  • Drop off from 9:15 on at Piedmont Little League
  • Everyone must check player in everyday when they arrive
  • Check in will take place under new pavillion
  • Stretch and Warmup
  • Station Work
    • Throwing/Catching Fundamentals
    • Infield
    • Base running
    • Hitting
    • Mechanics
    • Position Play Skills
  • Lunch
  • Scrimmage
  • Wrap-up
  • Dismissal
  • Pick up promptly at 3:00


[symple_toggle title=”What To Bring to Baseball Camp”]

  • All Campers should bring their own glove, hat, bat, cleats and helmets
    • *We will have some helmets for use, but we are not responsible for any transmission of lice
  • All Campers must bring their own lunch and drinks
  • We will provide water throughout the day
  • Campers will receive a free Camp T-shirt


[symple_toggle title=”Weather Issues During Baseball Camp”]

  • If Rain is in the forecast please dress players appropriately
  • We will practice and play in light rain and off and on rain
  • Thunderstorms we will take cover under the pavilion as well as the Piedmont Little League Meeting room
  • In the event of all day weather challenges, campers will be required to be picked up at 1:30 and an email will be sent just like a snow day at school. This has not happened ever, but it is always a possibility.

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