Delaware High School Baseball Teams To Watch 2015

BullyBats Delaware High School Baseball Rankings

The BullyBats Baseball Academy has developed of more than 500 players to date. It’s an awesome joy to watch dozens of players now enjoying success at the high school level.

I’ve always appreciated the News Journal doing their best to cover high school baseball. Although, it’s my feeling high school baseball does not get the true in depth coverage it deserves.

My relationships with most of the areas high school baseball coaches, as well as the players themselves, I believe gives me great insight into this years baseball season. I’m excited to bring you BullyBats first high school baseball report (upstate). It includes players to watch, rankings, and summaries of some teams.

Understand, this is upstate teams only, as I won’t speak about teams and areas in which I’m unfamiliar.

Okay, lets start with our Delaware high school baseball rankings.

#1 St. Georges Hawks

St. Georges Baseball

Wow, is right. A public school team as preseason number one? Yep. Caravel and St. Marks have sustained significant losses through both graduation, and some serious injuries/conditions with current players. It may leave the door open for a public school team like the Hawks to do some damage.

Pitching and Defense

They boast some serious depth on the pitching staff with Campbell, McGrath, Adams, Feehery. The infield is solid at all positions with most players having 3-4 years of Varsity Experience. The catching position is solid with a strong armed fundamentally sound leader behind the dish in Greg Seivard.


The offense should be very consistent 1-6 as most if not all the starters have seen significant Varsity at bats over their HS careers. The big challenge for the Hawks as always, is the Flight B schedule. It’s always tough to play a lot of games against weaker teams, then wake up in the tournament against stronger teams that are used to tough comp.

#2 St. Marks Spartans

St. Marks Baseball

It was tough for me to not put the Spartans at #1. Coach Smith and his staff continue to churn out great teams and college players. The recent loss of Billy Phillips was sad to hear. I’m sure Billy will fight his way through it. The support of his team throughout the year should help continue to motivate them to hang another banner.

Pitching and Defense

They did lose some quality players like Dominic DiSabatino and Calvin Scott, both who have moved on to D1 programs. But they always seem to have plenty of talent waiting in the wings.


Returning starter Jay Perry will have to have big year offensively if they plan on competing for the title.

#3 St. Elizabeths Vikings

St. Elizabeths

I’m excited to see this team play this year, as a lot of people may not have them on the radar. They will play a tough schedule with Sals and St Marks both twice, as well as some of the upper level public school teams. This should prepare them for a deep run in the post season.

Pitching and Defense

The Vikings and Coach Beddow have some quality arms returning in the likes of Dunning, Powers, and Chipman on the hill.


I think St. E’s offense that will likely carry them. Trevor Powers, Ryan Chipman, Michael Dunning, and Michael Piekarski should be a formidable top of the lineup.

#4 Caravel

Caravel Baseball

Much like the Spartans, its tough for me to not have the Bucs in the top 5. The Bucs have lost some significant players off of last years Championship team. As well as the unfortunate injury to one of the top players in the state, Jason Bilous. That being said, programs like Caravel and St Marks have such a loyal base of incoming players, combined with Great Coaching, they still can do some damage in the tournament. They will play an extremely tough schedule, resulting in a close to .500 record. But this will surely prepare them for the tourney, even with a mostly 10/11 grade roster.!

#5 Hodgson

Hodgson Baseball

Coach Moxley will have his group ready to play. Hodgson has been one of the more consistent public schools in the state over the last several years. This year will be no different. Pitching does win Championships, and they have a couple of good ones starting with UD commit Brandon Walter. Quality Lefties are hard to fine, and hard to hit. Nick Sayers may give them the best #1 and #2 in the state.

2015 Delaware High School Baseball Outlook

Alright, there you have our first rankings. My bold prediction is that this will be the year a public school team hangs a banner. Hodgson and St. Georges have the best chance, but who knows what downstate will bring this year.

My sleepers are the whole Flight A conference. It appears to be a close fight for supremacy. AI, Appo, Newark may have a slight edge. William Penn has a new staff with Marv Dooley. They have some talent, but mostly younger guys. Charter has some talent on the field. They also added some great baseball minds to their coaching staff with Matt Folke, and former big league pitcher, and AD, Chris Eddy. It looks to be a really competitive landscape in high school baseball this year.

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