Frequently Asked Questions About Our Delaware Baseball Camps

[symple_toggle title=”What should I bring to camp?”]Players should always bring hat, glove, bat, cleats. For all day summer camps, players should pack a lunch and bring drinks. We will always have water availble.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”What ages are your camps and clinics for?”]Our camps are designed for ages 7-12[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Do you guys work on Pitching at your camps? “]Pitching is addressed at Summer Camps for age appropriate players.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Do you work on Hitting at your Camps?”]Absolutely! Players will get instruction followed by repetitive drills and live hitting as well as cage, soft-toss, and batting practice.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”What is the player to coach ratio in your camps?”]Our goal is always to have a 6-1 player to coach ratio.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”What should my son wear to camp?”]Players should always wear athletic attire, no jeans, and always a cap[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Do you have Before and After Care?”]We do not.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”In Summer Camps, what do you do about Rain?”]Light rain we play through, and passing showers we will take cover till it passes. In the event of all day thunderstorms, we will cancel camp and pickup will be at 1:00. This is very rare.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”How many kids do you have in your camps?”]We are very proud to say we keep our numbers at a Maximum of 50. Most camps will take as many as sign up, but we feel 50 is a great number to keep things organized and get the players maximum baseball instruction.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Are girls Welcome to your camps and clinics?”]Yes, girls are welcome at either our baseball ball camps or our softball camps.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Is there discounts for more than one sibling?”]Absolutely, when you register you will notice a discounted rate for multiple registrations.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”How young can you start Private Training? “]Age 7 is the earliest we start with youngsters, and even at that age, attention span can be a challenge. So it depends on the player.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”What size bat should my son have?”]There is a lot of bad information out on the net about bat size. The length is of most importance and will depend on the players size.

  • Typically, by 12 years old most will be using a size 31”.
  • Most 7-8 year olds should be using a size 27”. 9-10 size 28”/29”.
  • Age 11 will settle into anywhere from 29”-30”.