Baseball Hitting Instruction

Delaware Baseball Hitting Instruction

BullyBats provides baseball hitting instruction through private lessons, small group and camps. We teach that successful hitting requires mastering both the physical and mental techniques of a batter.

The technical parts of baseball hitting instruction, known as the Fundamental Swing, are the mechanics we teach for a proper swing. The mental approach a hitter must take into each at bat, referred to as “Plate Approach”, provides the batter with ability to prepare, anticipate and adjust to what he will face in an at-bat.

The BullyBats Swing –
4 Steps to Swing Like a Pro

The majority of young players struggle with the mechanics of a good swing, even with the basics, such as the stance. When players come to BullyBats for baseball hitting instruction, we make sure they understand all four parts of the fundamental swing. We teach the proper fundamentals through a process that are adjusted for each individual. This refines the swing each step of the way. Our four step process of the professional swing has seen unparalleled success with our students. While other programs just let kid’s hit, we help them understand the swing.

Four step process is easy to learn and easy to repeat.

  • Stance – The foundation of any good hitter
  • Load – Stride and separate, reach a consistent launch position will help prepare the hitter for attacking the baseball
  • Heel/Hips – The heel is the trigger that starts the lower half rotating and pushing against a firm front side
  • Hands/Head – As the lower half creates energy and clears a path for our hands, our hands pull/push our barrel into and through the hitting zone

The BullyBats Plate Approach –
3 Keys to a Mental Advantage

Very few players have or even know what is a good “Plate Approach”. We teach them to understand the three keys to having a good mental approach at the plate.

Our 3 keys to a good mental approach have to accompany a hitter in every at bat.

  • Studying – A hitter should start watching and preparing for his at bat as soon as the opposing pitcher starts warming up. Players should also communicate with hitters who have faced him already
  • Preparing – Timing a pitcher starts in the hole or on deck. This is when you can establish when you will start your load
  • Batters Box – Knowing what you are doing in every count situation is very important. We start by teaching to be aggressive and focused on your pitch in hitter’s counts, while expanding the plate with 2 strikes to put the ball in play.