Baseball Fielding Instruction

Delaware Baseball Fielding Instruction

BullyBats provides baseball fielding instruction through private lessons, small group and camps.

Fielding the baseball is our priority in all of our camps. Wether its a spring training or a summer camp. In order to play the game of baseball, players must learn the proper techniques and fundamentals of fielding at all positions. As most batted balls are hit on the ground, we ensure that all our players learn the 6 “Fs” to fielding ground balls.

BullyBats Teaches the 6 “F’s” of Fielding


  • Proper foot position
  • Balance and proper stance


  • Glove and hand positioning
  • Preparing the body to field the ball
  • Seeing the ball into the glove


  • Funneling the ball into the body with soft hands
  • Hand and ball placement to prepare your throwing motion
  • Separation technique to remove the ball from the glove


  • Preparing to make a quick and accurate throw
  • Moving your feet while maintaining balance
  • How to Position yourself toward the target


  • Releasing a quick and accurate throw to the target
  • Follow

  • Completing through the throw to ensure accuracy and consistency in your throws