Baseball Catcher Instruction

Delaware Baseball Catcher Instruction

BullyBats provides baseball catcher instruction through private lessons, small group and camps.

The catcher is the only player with the ability to impact the game in all phases. However, his role as a defender and leader to the team and pitching staff is most important. Rather than the offense he will provide. At BullyBats, we take pride in teaching our catchers all three phases of the position in detail.

What You Will Learn


How to catch the ball and present it well to umpires.

  • Primary and secondary stances
  • Calling signals and presenting a target/li>
  • Catching the ball cleanly
  • Framing strikes and borderline strikes


Proper fundamentals to stop a ball is thrown into the dirt.

  • How to position the body to block
  • Proper glove angels
  • Centering the ball
  • How to deaden the ball on impact


Delivering the ball both quickly and accurately to second base.

  • Techniques to improve arm strength
  • Techniques for quicker feet and hands to get the ball second faster
  • Proper footwork for improved accuracy