Travel Baseball: The Time Has Come to Make it Better!!!

There are several reasons why it has taken so long for BullyBats to join the world of travel ball. If you have read any of my articles on this subject, you probably have a decent idea of the position I have taken on the subject. I firmly believe a young athlete needs to be playing […]

BullyBats Travel Ball

Money Ball…The Lost Art of Base on Balls

The walk is so important. It significantly impacts an individuals success, as well as the team’s success. I was fortunate enough to play in many games, against many great players in college and professional baseball. However, it took just one game that changed my understanding of hitting forever. That game opened my eyes on hitting, […]

Art of the Walk

It’s all about the boys. Only we the parents can screw it up.

As we approach another season, I’m always asked about why I haven’t started travel baseball at BullyBats. I always come back to one thing as I ponder it each year, the parents. As I envision building the grandest “travel ball organization” in the area, I have ultimately decided against it each year. The organization I […]


BullyBats Travel Ball Coming Soon…

I have touched on this subject in my blog before, as many parents ask me about travel ball for their sons and daughters. They have also asked me why BullyBats doesn’t have a travel ball team. In this article we will discuss my answers, and start the discussion on our first “travel ball” team here […]

Travel Ball

Four BullyBats Players Sign National Letter of Intent

Congratulations are in order for Kyle Baker, Regan Hidalgo, Brennan McCallister, and Jay Perry. All four of these talented and hardworking players will be continuing there baseball careers at the next level. Kyle Baker Kyle Baker from Charter School of Wilmington will be heading to UD in the fall of 2015 as an outfielder for […]


Start Changing, Before Change is Needed. The Reasons Why Royals are in the World Series.

One thing is certain, the Royals are a fantastic baseball team and they deserve to be where they are. I hope you are enjoying watching them as much as I do, because they play baseball the way the game was designed to be played. But how did they get to the world series while being […]

Fundamental Baseball Swing – Part 2 (“The Load”)

In This weeks newsletter we will discuss part two of the four essentials to a major league swing. If you missed it, check out part one “the Stance”. We call part two of the major league swing is the “Load”. The load may also be referred to by the movements involved, or “stride and separation”. […]

The Load

Fundamental Baseball Swing – Part 1

In the last two articles we covered two parts to being a great hitter; a fundamentally sound swing, and a fundamentally sound plate approach. Over our next four newsletters, we will break down the the first part of the two, with an in-depth breakdown of the fundamentally sound swing. The breakdown will cover the four […]

A Major League Stance

What Makes a Successful Hitter:
Fundamental Plate Approach (Part 2 of 2)

In the previous article, we discussed part one of a successful hitter, a fundamentally sound swing. Here we discuss part two, a fundamental and simple plate approach. This is key having success as a hitter in the long run. We have all heard “failing to prepare = preparing to fail”. Well that holds true in […]

Fundamental Plate Approach

What Makes a Successful Hitter (Part 1 of 2)

Coach, the best player on my team only batted .250 this year and I batted .300, does that mean I’m better? A successful hitter is often improperly judged by batting average. This is because of the length of seasons most players are playing. Outside of major college and professional baseball, the sample size of at […]

Fundamental Swing