How Do I Choose the Right Pitch to Call?

When I was a catcher, the biggest impact I could make for my team was to effectively manage the pitching staff, and call the right pitches. Catching base stealers, blocking balls, and hitting are also important for a catcher. However, the impact of calling pitches and handling a staff can be felt on every pitch […]

The Curve Ball, Everyone is Doing it Coach!

One of the more frequent questions I get is, “What age is safe to start throwing a curve ball?” First of all, I’m not a doctor, therefore I’ll start my answer with the research from Dr. James Andrews and the American Sports Medicine Institute. Which states: “For pitchers with proper mechanics, the force of throwing […]


Become a Better Pitcher

Pitching is often credited as the most important part of any team. The simple truth is, without a solid staff a team has very little chance of short or long term success. Here are a couple of key ingredients on how to become a better pitcher. Throw First Pitch Strikes Challenge Hitters with your fastball […]