How Do I Choose the Right Pitch to Call?

When I was a catcher, the biggest impact I could make for my team was to effectively manage the pitching staff, and call the right pitches. Catching base stealers, blocking balls, and hitting are also important for a catcher. However, the impact of calling pitches and handling a staff can be felt on every pitch […]

How Do I Break in My New Glove?

If a carpenter is only as good as his tools, then a baseball player in the field is only as good as his glove. This doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on a new glove. The cost of your glove won’t make you any better. However, it does mean that your glove needs […]

Great Catch

Become a Better Pitcher

Pitching is often credited as the most important part of any team. The simple truth is, without a solid staff a team has very little chance of short or long term success. Here are a couple of key ingredients on how to become a better pitcher. Throw First Pitch Strikes Challenge Hitters with your fastball […]

Fielding Baseball’s 5 Ground Balls

Players at the most basic level must understand how to field all of the different types of balls hit into play. After players learn how to catch and throw with consistency, they should then start working on fielding the ground balls properly. Here are some steps to help with fielding the 5 ground balls. Ball […]