Be Late To Be on Time… Understanding Hitting at the Deepest Levels

In this article we really go deep into the understanding of how the brain’s subconscience effects our timing when we hit. It’s important to note before we delve deep into the inner workings of our natural tendencies, a player must possess some ability and a fundamentally sound swing and approach to have any success. In […]

Hitting and TIming

How Do I Choose the Right Pitch to Call?

When I was a catcher, the biggest impact I could make for my team was to effectively manage the pitching staff, and call the right pitches. Catching base stealers, blocking balls, and hitting are also important for a catcher. However, the impact of calling pitches and handling a staff can be felt on every pitch […]

Money Ball…The Lost Art of Base on Balls

The walk is so important. It significantly impacts an individuals success, as well as the team’s success. I was fortunate enough to play in many games, against many great players in college and professional baseball. However, it took just one game that changed my understanding of hitting forever. That game opened my eyes on hitting, […]

Art of the Walk

For The Love of the Game: Snacks, Travel, and Scholarships

It seems like yesterday when I was 12 years old getting on my bicycle with my glove on my bat, bat over my shoulder, and heading to the field to play a game of baseball in my local Little League. I liked to get there early so I could enjoy as much time as possible […]


The Truth on Ryan Howard’s Struggles at the Plate

Ryan Howard is making $25 million a year, but has struggled over the last three years to be a productive hitter. So why can’t he hit well anymore? There are a few different things to look at. When a player has such a great start to a career, and signs such a mega-deal, he is […]

Ryan Howard

It’s all about the boys. Only we the parents can screw it up.

As we approach another season, I’m always asked about why I haven’t started travel baseball at BullyBats. I always come back to one thing as I ponder it each year, the parents. As I envision building the grandest “travel ball organization” in the area, I have ultimately decided against it each year. The organization I […]


BullyBats Travel Ball Coming Soon…

I have touched on this subject in my blog before, as many parents ask me about travel ball for their sons and daughters. They have also asked me why BullyBats doesn’t have a travel ball team. In this article we will discuss my answers, and start the discussion on our first “travel ball” team here […]

Travel Ball

Giants a Dynasty? Can the Royals Duplicate their run again next year?

The Giants It doesn’t matter so much in professional sports, or sports at any level, who “the best” team is over the course of the season. The regular season is a time to learn who you are as a team. You get better along the way, fill in holes as necessary, and play well enough […]

World Series

Start Changing, Before Change is Needed. The Reasons Why Royals are in the World Series.

One thing is certain, the Royals are a fantastic baseball team and they deserve to be where they are. I hope you are enjoying watching them as much as I do, because they play baseball the way the game was designed to be played. But how did they get to the world series while being […]

The Curve Ball, Everyone is Doing it Coach!

One of the more frequent questions I get is, “What age is safe to start throwing a curve ball?” First of all, I’m not a doctor, therefore I’ll start my answer with the research from Dr. James Andrews and the American Sports Medicine Institute. Which states: “For pitchers with proper mechanics, the force of throwing […]