BullyBats Privacy Policy

BullyBats Baseball Academy(further to be know as BBA) understands the importance of maintaining your privacy and your child’s safety. Here’s what we do to protect both:

  1. BBA limits the information we keep about you to the minimum required to process payments and provide a secure environment for your children. We do NOT keep a record of your credit card on our website. We keep information about your child, such as his/her name, personal likes and dislikes, baseball related information posted, and pictures on the website. You have the option of having us contact you instead of contacting your child by not signing up and using our locker services. We keep records of your purchases for the child so that he or she can use the on-line materials.
  2. All information provided by you and your child, is for BBA, and yours exclusive use. We do not sell, rent, or disclose information you provide to us to any third party, with these exceptions: law enforcement officials when there is evidence of illegal activity on your part. Your personal information is solely used for your’s and your child’s viewing pleasure and I password protected so only the coach, player, and parent can see. Parents have the right to review information posted by their children on our website. Either parent can have such information deleted or excluded from further use by contacting us and asking that we delete that information.
  3. BBA may, with your permission, send you emails of upcoming events that may be of interest to you, such as new classes, clinics, or products. You always have the right to opt out of these emails automatically.
  4. The BBA website uses temporary cookies (sometimes called session cookies) while you are signed into bullybats.com. These cookies are small data files that are placed on your computer. Our cookies are deleted completely from your computer when you sign out or log off of bullybats.com. Using cookies keeps us from having you sign in every time you go to a new page. They do not track anything.
  5. You have the responsibility to notify BBA of changes to your and your children’s contact information. It’s easiest if you email us with any necessary changes so we can update our records. You can also update your or your children’s personal information through our website.
  6. You and your children have the responsibility of keeping their username and password private and secure. BBA NEVER asks for your username and password under any circumstances. BBA retains the right to terminate your membership with us if we believe that you or your children have violated the terms of service. For example, sharing a username and password with others who have not paid for the service. Contact us immediately if you think your account has been compromised.
  7. BBA retains the rights to make modifications to this privacy policy as needed. We will notify you via email or US Postal mail of these changes. We will delete your personal information if you do not agree with our revised privacy policy.
  8. BBA does not collect and addresses, birthdates, SS numbers, emails, phone numbers, or any contact information from children, that’s not already collected from their parents.
  9. Upon purchasing services from BBA for your child or organization, your child’s first name and first letter of last name will be posted in our lockerroom. Upon opening of a locker your child’s submitted information will be for parents, coaches, and child’s viewing, and password protected.
  10. Photos of children playing games and practicing, taken by BBA or submitted by parents or children, will appear on the website and may be recognizable. Children will not be explicitly identified without explicit parental permission.