Coach Troy O’Neal

Baseball Coach Troy O'Neal

Love for Baseball

Baseball Coach Troy O’Neal got his start in coaching at age 35. He was watching his son play tee-ball, when he felt a great desire and obligation to give back to the game and it’s young players. To share the knowledge that he learned through my life long experiences in the game.

The game of baseball has given Troy so much. Baseball is a large part of his identity. From high school to professional baseball, it has been a livelihood for most of his life, helping to build Troy to the person he is today. Along the way the game has created bonds and relationships with teammates at so many different levels that he will cherish for my lifetime.

Baseball Coaching Philosophy

Coach Troy O’Neal believes great coaches have the unique ability to break each one of these areas down to the most simplest forms in order to communicate it to a variety of different ages and players. The game and it’s skills can become very complex if not properly understood and communicated.

Troy believes players succeed based on 3 very basic characteristics; ability, desire, and technique. Ability is handed down from a higher power and each player has a different skill set that will ultimately give that player a ceiling. The love of the game and the desire to improve and work hard is imperative for advancement in a failure game. Working hard and getting the right information to be as technically sound with your fundamentals is the 3rd piece.

When Not Coaching Baseball

Residing in Hockessin, Delaware, Troy still play “old man” baseball on Sundays and loves spending any of my free time with his 3 kids and wife Monica. He enjoys the big 3 sports, football, baseball, and basketball. As his hobbies include coaching high school basketball and coaching his son in football. He simply enjoys competing and watching people compete.

Baseball Career

High School
AI Dupont in Greenville, Delaware ’86-‘90

  • Football: Captain and Quarterback
  • Baseball: Captain Catcher

University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware ’91-‘95

  • Baseball: Captain and Catcher
  • Degree-Health and Physical Education


  • Milwaukee Brewers ’95-’98 AA
  • Arizona Diamondbacks ’98 AAA